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Myrrh Incense Smudge Sticks

Myrrh Incense Smudge Sticks

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Myrrh is a natural resin extracted from the Commiphora tree. It has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and medicine. 

Including the Bible and the Torah, for its ability to connect to the Divine. 

Myrrh is traditionally used in prayer and as an offering in protection rituals. It is also well known for its purifying properties, for cleansing the soul and clearing the mind.
Myrrh resin has a warm, spicy, balsamic scent which favors meditation and spiritual upliftment.

Masala incense is made by blending several solid, highly scented ingredients into a paste which is then rolled onto a bamboo core stick. They usually contain very little in the way of liquid scents, which is why they last for a long time. Masala Incense is further divided into Burbars, Champas, and Dhoops.  

Masala Incense is made from scratch using natural resins, aromatic wood powders, spices, and herbs combined with fine quality oils and honey, and then rolled on a bamboo stick. These incenses are commonly used to set the mood for meditation, yoga, and relaxation. 

Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
Sticks Size: 8" Long
Packaging: Each pack is 15gm, approx. 12 to 14 sticks

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