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Zenfinity Apothecaria

Goddess Hair Serum

Goddess Hair Serum

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This Goddess Hair Serum smells fabulous and is simple to apply. Use it daily for healthy and shiny tresses and reconnect with your inner radiant goddess. 

Silky, Shiny, Healthy-Looking Hair:  Argan hair serum with Aloe Vera helps your hair retain essential moisture which can reduce frizz, improve silky softness, and even increase shine and radiance.

Eliminate Dryness, Damage, and Split Ends: Make Goddess Hair Serum a part of your regular hair care routine, and it can also help diminish dull dryness, flakiness, split ends, and general damage.

Zero Frizz: Our luxury haircare formula is fortified with hair-nourishing Moringa to help strengthen hair from root to tip, which is important for volume, growth, and reducing loss.

Protect Hair from Harmful UV Rays: Along with diminishing dryness, our argan hair serum helps reduce the environmental damage caused by UV sun rays, so you can live your active outdoor lifestyle and enjoy beautiful hair.

Lightweight and Fast-Absorbing: This pure oil formula is gentle on all hair types and leaves a light, fresh scent that nourishes every strand without weighing it down. Perfect for women and men.

8 oz 

* Disclaimer: Always do a patch test first to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are under any medication or suffering from any health condition, consult your doctor before starting any new natural remedy. Results may vary from person to person.

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