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Zenfinity Apothecaria

Papaya Cleanser

Papaya Cleanser

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Dull skin? Pfft, not on our watch! Get ready for the Papaya Cleanser, a gentle but mighty facial cleanser.

Made with natural papaya fruit extracts, the enzymes work hard to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth. Plus, it's free from any yucky chemicals, so sensitive skin can also bask in its glory.

Our Papaya Cleanser is super easy to use. Wet your face, mix a small amount of powder with water, and then massage the foam onto your face. Give extra love to any pesky breakout areas. Rinse it off, and voila! Say hello to the new glowing you.

With regular use, it will keep your skin healthy and happy. So, go ahead, add it to your skincare routine, and let the glow vibes roll!

Always perform a small patch test before using. 

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Papaya Enzymes, Absoribic Acid, Sodium Coccyx Isethionate + Proprietary Herbal Essential Oil Blend

8 oz

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