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Palo Santo Car Diffuser

Palo Santo Car Diffuser

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If you're looking for a natural and eco-friendly way to freshen up your car, then the Palo Santo Car Diffuser might be just what you need! Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood," is a sustainably harvested wood from South America that has been used for centuries for its cleansing and healing properties. When used in a car diffuser, it can help to purify the air and promote a sense of calm and relaxation while driving. Plus, unlike traditional car air fresheners that are often filled with synthetic fragrances and chemicals, the Palo Santo Car Diffuser is completely chemical-free and safe for you and your passengers. Enjoy the natural, woodsy scent as you drive. It's the perfect way to bring a little bit of nature into your daily commute!

Key Features:

  • Natural Wood Cap: Includes a meticulously crafted natural wood cap, designed to provide a steady and enduring release of fragrance. Flip the bottle towards the wood cap as needed to reinvigorate your vehicle with our signature scents.
  • 8ml of Premium Fragrance Oil: Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of Palo Santo. Our premium oil, redolent with the finest Palo Santo essences and natural Palo Santo shavings, is balanced to perfection, ensuring your spaces are enveloped in a gentle yet captivating aroma.
  • All-Natural Reed Diffuser Base: We're committed to your well-being. Our diffuser's base is derived entirely from natural ingredients, guaranteeing a pure and clean diffusion of fragrance in your cherished vehicle.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Presented in an elegantly designed bottle, this diffuser is both an olfactory and visual treat. Whether nestled in your vehicle adds a touch of grace and tranquility.
  • Enduring Fragrance: Engineered for consistent aroma, our diffuser promises to scent your surroundings for weeks, making every moment in your vehicle a serene retreat.

Usage Instructions:

  • Carefully unscrew the cap and gently remove the plug from the diffuser bottle.
  • Screw the wood cap back onto the bottle and turn the bottle upside down for a few seconds, ensuring the wood cap is fully submerged in the oil.
  • Allow a few hours for the wood cap to absorb and disperse the fragrance throughout the vehicle. For an enhanced scent, flip the bottle upside down every few days.
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