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Zenfinity Apothecaria

Dream Pillow - Restful Sleep

Dream Pillow - Restful Sleep

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Indulge in a peaceful slumber with our Restful Sleep Dream Pillow. Envelop yourself in the fragrant embrace of French Lavender, Egyptian Chamomile, Pakistani Red Rose Petals, Bulgarian Valerian Root, and Arabian Frankincense. These mystical essences hold the key to unlocking the gates of restful dreams.
As you lay your head with this pillow tucked away in your pillow sham, the scents of lavender and frankincense will guide you towards the gentle embrace of sleep, while chamomile will ward off the shadows of nightmares. Red Rose petals will carry your intentions towards the stars. And with the help of Valerian Root, you will dwell in the realm of peace, undisturbed by the clamor of the mundane.
Let the Restful Sleep Dream Pillow carry you towards the realm of dreams and awaken refreshed to the wonders of the day.

4" x 6" 

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