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Zenfinity Apothecaria

Blue Moon Floral White Sage

Blue Moon Floral White Sage

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4" Blue Colored White Sage with Flowers

Dispel Negative Energy

Provide Spiritual Strength

Attract Prosperity + Abundance

There are many reasons why you should smudge your home and space. If tension, sadness, nervousness, anger, etc. is lingering in the air, smudging can help banish negative energies to reset your space to a positive or neutral space. Also, if your home feels noticeable dirty or muggy, smudging can take over 95% of airborne bacteria out of the area. Use this sage for smudging rituals to cleanse your home, yourself, and any other important areas in your life.

The white sage plant has long been used for its cleansing and purifying properties, and when combined with the energy of the blue moon, it becomes an even more powerful tool for clearing negative energy and promoting positive vibes.

During a blue moon, the energy is said to be heightened, making it an ideal time for smudging. Smudging with Blue Moon white sage can help to release any negative energy that may be lingering in your home or workspace, allowing you to create a more positive and peaceful environment.

How To
Hold Sage Bundle at a 45 degree angle and ignite. Let burn for a few seconds. When the fire is mostly out, wave the smoke around your home while thinking peaceful and happy thoughts. Make sure the smoke reaches all corners. When you are finished, place the Sage in a fireproof bowl with the lit tip facing down. It will put itself out. To lengthen burn time, gently blow on embers.

Benefits of Smudging :
Dispels Negative Energies
Cleanses the Air
Calming Aroma
Improved Sleep
Enhances Intuition
Improves Mood
Boosts Energy Levels

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