What are Chakras?

What are Chakras?

You are already familiar with your physical body. You know how it feels to flex or extend an area of your body. In these ways, you can already see how aspects of your physical being are connected to each other, and how your perception through touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing informs each other, creating your overall life experience.

However, your physical body is not the only body you have. Whether you are studying chakras or quantum physics, you come to learn that everything is energy, with its own vibrational frequency. The energy body is the human energy field that extends beyond the physical body. Like your physical body, each layer serves a purpose and layers work collectively as one. Together, the layers of your energy body make up your aura. Your aura interacts with your physical body as well as your energy centers, or chakras.

The word “chakra” is derived from the Sanskrit word cakra, meaning “wheel”. It was first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts date to 1,500 BCE. Throughout history, many cultures – including the Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese, Greeks, Native Americans, among others have all known these energy centers or the chakra system, to be a reflection of the natural law that exists within the universe and an intertwined counterpart to our physical selves.

Chakras are energy vortexes that exist within each of us. These energy vortexes transport energy from the universe around you and your layers of aura. You can think of your chakra system as your spiritual bloodstream. Much in the same way, your bloodstream connects and supports your many other physical bodily systems, your chakra system connects and supports your physical self and your energetic field.

All living things, humans, animals, plants, trees and Earth have a chakra system, a living system of energy vortexes, that exist within each of them. That is another reason why we HAVE to take care of our planet.

There are seven major chakras in the body, as well as several minor ones. Each one is associated with specific organs and glands, physical functions and dysfunctions and emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

So, when we get in touch with the energy within our chakras, we connect with ourselves on a deeper level and learn how to heal ourselves on all levels, creating true holistic healing. This is why mindfulness – based practices, such as meditation and yoga help connect the mind and body with the spirit. It is important to remember, that it is all connected as one.



To get in touch with your energy, hold your hands one inch apart, palms facing each other. Get familiar with the warmth and energy exchange between your hands. (Our hands have 4 minor chakras). Separate your hands slightly, “stretching out” your energy between your hands. Now bring them closer to condense your energy. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Don’t worry of you do not feel anything at first. Relax, clear your mind and continue the practice, remaining open and in tune with yourself.

As you become more familiar with your energy, you will not only be able to notice the warmth of your hands (which will increase), but also a slight energy charge between them. With time and patience, you will be able to feel this charge more strongly, even when you separate your hands farther apart. You can feel your major chakras too. To feel your heart chakra, place both hands at the center of your chest. Take a slow, steady deep breath through your nose. Feel the warmth and inner glow underneath your hands. You are not only feeling your heartbeat, but also the sensation of your heart chakra expanding. Do you feel it? If so, congratulations on getting in touch with your chakras.



So, what if you learned that many physical symptoms we experience could be prevented, simply because many of our physical symptoms are expressions of what hasn’t been addressed in the energy body?

Enter the chakras.

When our chakras are in balance, our lives are in complete harmony and our health is good. If a chakra becomes blocked, we will eventually experience emotional stress or disease.

Because everything is energy, when we heal and maintain our energy body’s health – through modalities like yoga, Reiki, meditation and make better lifestyle and diet choices. We actually heal issues that may come up before they manifest in the physical body.



The foundation of the chakra system consists of seven major chakras within the body. They each serve a purpose and are all interconnected.


ROOT CHAKRA - Muladhara

The first of the physical chakras is the root chakra – the chakra largely responsible for how safe and secure you feel.

When the root chakra is out of harmony, there is an inability to trust nature. We also feel ungrounded, disconnected from Mother Earth, have issues around beliefs, family wounds, function out of fear and feel unsafe. When our root chakra is in harmony, we feel connected to Mother Earth, feel grounded, trust your intuition and move with the flow of life. Think of the root chakra as your foundation, controlling your most basic needs like food, safety, and financial security. When out of balance, you feel unstable and stress about making ends meet. Physically, you may experience issues with digestion and weight gain.

To keep this chakra in alignment, incorporate ashwagandha, dandelion root, ginger, and garlic or foods like carrots, potatoes, and radishes into your diet. These root-based herbs will help you feel grounded and connect to the earth element of the root chakra.



Located above the root chakra is the Sacral Plexus chakra and is most closely connected with sexual and reproductive activities, as well as emotions and creativity.

When the sacral chakra is out of harmony, we tend to have difficulties expressing our feelings, are out of touch with pleasure and hold unprocessed anger. We can also have relationship issues, reproductive issues or feel unhealthy and unstable. Feelings of shame also may be present.

When the sacral plexus is in harmony, we feel at peace with our abundance and create and maintain healthy relationships with others. Controlled by the water element, the sacral chakra relates to fluidity. When in balance, you feel free to express yourself sexually, emotionally, and creatively. When out of balance, you experience difficulty in adapting to change, emotional instability, and sexual frigidity or guilt. Physically, a blocked or overactive sacral chakra can manifest in digestion and reproductive issues.

Restore balance to the sacral chakra by consuming damiana, an herb known for its aphrodisiac effects that increases sexual desire and performance. Damiana also will help you relax and go with the flow by calming the nervous system. You can also burn ylang ylang, an aphrodisiac herb that opens the flow of love and passion.



Next, we have the Solar Plexus Chakra that corresponds with our personality, self-esteem and sense of worth.

If this chakra is out of harmony, we have a need to dominate and be in control. Having a great need for keeping up appearances, and we function through the world with deep feelings of inadequacy. We may not respect ourselves and even manifest self – hatred. We may give away our power to others, leaving us with no sense of self.

When we feel whole, centered in who we are, know our self – worth and in touch with our inner warrior. You will know that your solar plexus is in harmony.

The bright yellow solar plexus relates to feelings of personal power and self-esteem. When in the flow, you feel confident with a sense of purpose. When overactive, you may come off as arrogant. Alternatively, you may suffer from low self-worth, jealousy, or a constant need for approval. You may also suffer from poor digestion.

Ease your digestion and restore balance to the solar plexus with cleansing herbs like lemongrass, milk thistle, chamomile, and ginger. You can also burn incense and essential oils like saffron, musk, sandalwood, ginger, and cinnamon to connect with the fire element of the solar plexus.



The Heart Chakra holds our connection to both the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. It connects our three lower chakras to our three upper chakras creating a perfect balance. It is also how we get in touch with our Higher Self in relation to the rest of the world.

If this chakra is out of harmony, we are disconnected from ourselves, have difficulty loving ourselves, do not feel deserving of love therefore, we may have difficulty in receiving love and can possibly develop depression.

When we are in tune with our heart chakra, we are fully connected to ourselves, cultivate joy easily and accept ourselves for the beautiful being that you are. We also experience compassion for self and others. How beautiful is that?

 The heart chakra controls the love energy in the body. You feel full of love, compassion, and forgiveness when in alignment. When out of balance, you have difficulty giving and receiving love, as well as forgiving yourself. You may also experience pains in the center of the chest. 

Welcome love into your life with energetic heart herbs like rose, hawthorn berry, lavender, rooibos, orange, and jasmine. You can create your own tea with a combination of these heart healthy herbs.



The first of our spiritual chakra is the throat chakra has much to do with our true, authentic voice, where faith and understanding combine.

When is the throat chakra is out of harmony, we have difficulty speaking our truth or expressing ourselves. Feel silenced or judged for what we are and can feel out of touch with our will to live.

When we are in touch with our throat chakra, our will to live becomes stronger and will follow are dreams. We speak our truth, express ourselves easily, creatively and authentically. We begin to listen to our inner voice and have a balance between silence and speech. Do NOT be afraid to use your as you deserved to be heard. The throat chakra controls your ability to express yourself openly and listen to others. You feel comfortable communicating when in balance. When out of balance, you struggle with miscommunication or experience pain in your throat and neck.

You can make a healing tea using ground slippery elm bark to ease the throat chakra. Other herbal remedies for the throat chakra include sage, clary sage, and chamomile. Foods rich in iodine, like kelp, dulse, nori, spirulina, and other sea veggies, can also heal the throat chakra.



The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra with is associated with our “sixth sense”; it is the center of our wisdom, spiritual insight and intuition.

When this chakra is out of alignment, we focus only on our intellect and reject all spiritual aspects of ourselves. We lose our ability to trust ourselves and intuition, can only see the physical reality of life and carry a lot of fear in regard to our inner wisdom.

When we invite our intuition and awareness into everyday aspects of life. We begin to trust ourselves and have a deep knowing beyond what we can physically see. Once this happens, you will know that your third eye chakra is in harmony. Raise the vibrational energy at the third eye, the chakra that relates to intuition and inner wisdom. When out of balance you feel confused and cynical. You may also suffer from headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.

Connect to your intuition with blue lotus, an herb that eases insomnia and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Release tension by burning sandalwood or sage, which encourage a sense of calm and clarity.


CROWN CHAKRA - Sahasrara

The last of the spiritual chakras is the Crown chakra – which is a source of connection to the Divine and our higher selves.

When this chakra is out of alignment, we feel totally disconnected from the Divine/Source/God and Universe. We may even have an anger at God. We have difficulty trusting our path and out lives in general. We may feel depressed, alone and unable to let go of anxiety.

Once we are in harmony with the Crown Chakra, we live in the knowledge of Unity. We realize that we are all connected as one. We understand that we are all connected to the Divine and understand that our individual identity goes beyond the physical form. We are also able to elevate our consciousness easily. At the highest vibration, thecrown chakra radiates violet light. This spiritual center connects you with the divine, your highest self, and the oneness with the universe. When out of balance, you may feel lost spiritually, fear death, and lack a sense of purpose. You may also get too caught up with material gains like money, status, and fame.

Connect to your higher self with lavender. Add the purple flower to teas, lemonade, or desserts. The flowering plant has powerful calming remedies. Use lavender scented candles and incense during meditation or relax in lavender-scented bath salts.



As you can now see how important it is to understand the alignment of our chakra system. One unbalanced chakra can throw all the other chakras out of alignment. But if this happens, you can heal yourself with your inner work.

Whether or not you receive outside healing from a practitioner, like a Reiki Master like myself for your Chakra healing journey, in the end, you are the one who is the healer of yourself. While healing practitioners can guide you on your journey, we are each responsible for our own healing.

Remember, that Chakra healing is not affiliated with a specific religion. Although the original sources of the chakra system came from religious texts, chakra healing has since been expanded to reach a broader understanding and practice and is now embraced by people from many walks of life. You are infusing light, awareness, and consciousness into your body, mind, spirit. All which dispel of darkness which brings eternal light to your soul.

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